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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Updates on new builds

I mentioned last time that I was starting a couple of new turntables.  This is an update on those, and an exciting new design that I've been working on.

The AR-XB rebuild using Brazilian Cherry is nearly complete, and would have been finished a week ago, but I discovered upon re-assembly that the motor was pretty much shot.  The new motor came in the mail today so the AR will be officially completed this weekend!  Below are a couple of quick snapshots showing how it turned out - professional photos to come as soon as I replace the motor, polish the edge of the platter, and add some feet.

Tonearm from AR (made by Jelco) and a classic Shure M91 ED cartridge.

Acrylic platter mat by IsoKinetik of Great Britain.  www.isokinetik.co.uk

The maple slab turntable that was mentioned in the previous post has been officially shelved while I complete my first build of this:

Top view and 3d view rendered in Photoshop.  The final product will have a sorbothane
dampening layer between the base and platter support along with a clear acrylic platter.

This is just an initial rendering.  I am currently working on a Northwestern myrtle wood base piece, and the platter support and arm board will be made from a beautiful maple burl that I found.  The maple will be revealed through the clear platter when the turntable is not in use.

This myrtle wood makes a very solid, dense foundation for the turntable, and looks good at the same time.
An amazing book-matched 16" x 25" maple burl that leaves me plenty of material to cut out the 12" circle for the platter support and use another 5" circle for the arm board.  The platter bearing will rest at the center of the star pattern.

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